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The History of College of Veterinary Medicine can be explained by the Badge:

ThebadgeofCollege of Veterinary Medicine is composed ofahorse, the Great Wall, eight connected five-pointed stars, "JLU", "Jilin University College of Veterinary Medicine", "College ofVeterinaryMedicine"in English, "1904" and other elements.

1. Theme color: dark green isforagronomy, representing hope, vitality and self-confidence. It indicates that the academy is youthful and prosperous, and it is in its youth; the gradual golden color represents brightness, harvest and wisdom, and indicates the prosperity of the college’s education and a brilliant future.

2. Main elements and meanings:

(1) Appearance and main characters: The appearance is concentric circles, which means that the college will work togetherr; JLU is the English abbreviation of Jilin University, and the other characters are the Chinese and English full names ofCollegeof Veterinary Medicine.

(2) The two ears and eight stars are connected into a V-shaped structure: it means that the college used to be military for years, and it wassolemnandeventful; no matter how the times change, it always inherits the spirit of "V:Veterinary People Spirit:virtuous, erudite and constantly improving. It is also the English abbreviation for victory.

(3) Four protruding Great Wall lines: It means that generations of the college are in the same boat, through winds and rains, and move forward with twists and turns. It has achieved a leapfrog development from the four stages of theVeterinary University, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry University, Quartermaster Universityand Jilin University. It also represents the determination and confidence to go out of China and to the world.

(4) The prancing horse runs against the early spring sun: It means that the college originated fromSchool ofHorse Medicine in 1904 and has the spirit of leading the horse, persevering, pioneering and innovative, and pursuing excellence.

Carrying on the motto "Integrity · Erudition · Tenacity" will the College grow to a top class domestically and worldwide.

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