The Department of Basic Veterinary Medicine consists of seven disciplines including Zoology, Animal Anatomy, Animal Histology & Embryology, Animal Physiology, Veterinary Pharmacology, Animal Pathological Anatomy, and Animal Pathological Physiology and affiliates with three Jilin Provincial Research Centers including Jilin Provincial Key Laboratory for Animal Embryo Engineering, the Center for innovation Research in Veterinary medicine, and the Center for Animal Bioengineering Research. Currently, nineteen faculty members including 11 professors, 4 associate professors and 4 instructors/lecturers are working in the Department. The department provides a variety of the training courses for undergraduates or postgraduates majored in Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Public Health and Laboratory Animals, and makes commitments to research related to Veterinary medicine and Biomedical Science. The research in the department is mainly involved in four fields including Animal Reproduction and Developmental Biology, Novel Anti-bacterial/inflammatory drug discovery, Neuroendocrine and Immunomodulation, and Molecular Pathology of Major Animal Diseases.

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