The mission of the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine is to promote teaching, research, and clinical service in the field of veterinary medicine. The department provides six training coursed including Veterinary Diagnostics, Veterinary Internal Medicine, Veterinary Surgery, Veterinary Obstetrics, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging for udergraduates and postgraduates. majored in Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Medicine Public Health, Animal Science, lab animals and Animal Biotechnology. In the past five years, more than 10 textbooks and monographs were published, such as Veterinary Diagnostics, Animal Ordinary Disease, Differential diagnosis for animal group-occurring disease, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Deer Production and Disease etc. The research is committed to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal disease. The projects are mainly focused on animal nutritional & metabolic diseases and toxonosis, animal reproductive disorder, traditional Chinese veterinary medicine and veterinary surgery research. The clinical services in including emergency, specialty and primary care services are provided to many animals species such dogs, cats, exotic pets, wildlife, zoo animals, equine and farm animals.

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