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Our graduates won the honorary title of "National Outstanding Contributor of Veterinary Degree"

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From October 25 to 27, 2020, the 20th Anniversary of Veterinary Graduate Education in China was held in Nanjing International Conference Center by National Veterinary Graduate Education Steering Committee. The meeting commended 40 veterinary doctor and master's degree holders who made outstanding contributions. Li Guojiang and Zhang Xiufeng, professional doctor and master's degree candidates from the College of Veterinary Medicine of our Hospital were awarded the honor.



Li Guojiang, who received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Jilin University in 2011 under the guidance of Professor Ding Zhuang, is now Vice President of Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology College. He has made excellent achievements in the field of teaching and was appointed as a member of the Teaching Steering Committee of Animal Medicine of higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education in 2018. He has presided over many national research projects and made outstanding contributions to teaching and scientific research.


Zhang Xiufeng, who received his Master's degree in Veterinary medicine from Jilin University in 2006 under the supervision of Professor Ding Zhuang, is now the vice President of the College of Animal Science and Technology of Jilin University of Agricultural Science and Technology. He is in charge of the scientific research work of the college and the management of the training base in the university. He has made outstanding contributions in teaching, scientific research, personnel training and social services.



The College of Veterinary Medicine of our Hospital was awarded the first national master's degree authorization in 1999, and the Doctor's degree authorization in 2005. Up to now, the total number of degrees awarded has reached more than 400, and a  complete system has been formed in the education and training of veterinary graduate students.

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