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Animal hospital is closed during Spring Festival

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At the beginning of this year, when the novel coronavirus epidemic spread in many places, Kedah students took the lead in responding to the national call to set an example. 346 graduate students from the College of Veterinary Medicine stayed on campus for the Spring Festival. While maintaining the normal epidemic prevention and control, the college decided to open the Teaching Animal Hospital of Kedah during the period to ensure the continuous practice of diagnosis and treatment of the students. Teachers will accompany the students during the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, teachers will not close the hospital to guarantee the graduation practice of the students and the diagnosis and treatment services of the sick animals.

The teaching Animal Hospital will distribute masks and other epidemic prevention materials to the students who participate in the medical practice after accurately knowing the number of postgraduates staying on campus. The guards work all the time, strictly implement the policy of epidemic prevention and access monitoring, and cover all staff daily for temperature measurement, health clock, and multiple disinfection, in a joint effort to reduce the risk of the epidemic. Although they missed the reunion with their relatives, some of them are making contributions to the overall situation of national epidemic prevention and control with their practical actions. On the New Year's Eve, the relevant leaders of the College of Veterinary Medicine visited the teachers and students participating in the diagnosis and treatment service of the teaching animal hospital, and presented heart-warming dumplings and New Year's goods.



In order to enable the students to learn more and make more progress, the Teaching Animal Hospital organized several training lectures on the use of respiratory anesthesia machine, dental operating table and laparoscope during the Spring Festival. In addition, Professor Jin also had a discussion on "How to be a Good Veterinarian and an excellent veterinarian" with the students in the school, so that the students could be committed to the mission of veterinary medicine, save the lives of animals, relieve the pain of animals, reduce the worries of owners, and let both animals and owners enjoy a happy and happy life.





The College of Veterinary Medicine hopes that the teaching animal Hospital can play a positive role as a practical teaching base in the university during the training of undergraduate and graduate students. It also hopes that the students who stay in the school of Veterinary medicine can continue to uphold the feelings of the family and the country, remember the motto of the teaching animal hospital of "great doctors are sincere and help the living", and become the inheritors of the century-old veterinary medicine. We will work hard for "One World, One Health", improve our skills, and escort people's food safety and life health care.

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