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Notice of the Sub-forum of the 10th PhD Academic Forum of Jilin University

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PhD students:

The issue of global public health security is a major global challenge facing mankind, and it is also recognized as an important part of non-traditional security issues in the world nowadays. Global public health emergencies have a huge impact on international politics and are a major issue that governments must face.

Since the reform and opening up, the market economy has developed rapidly, but public health security incidents have occurred frequently: SASR ravages, avian influenza raids, Sudan Red incidents, the stone milk powderproblem, and even the current smogphenomenon have caused the public to become more concerned about public health. The level of safety attention has reached unprecedented heights.

This sub-forum aims to build a high-start and high-level academic exchange platform for doctoral students in the field of public health research in our school to discuss cutting-edge issues in the field of public health, exchange research results, propose solutions, promote thinking collisions, and show the times Youth style.

The related work is described as follows:

. Sub-forum theme

The theme of this sub-forum is "Focus on public health safety and protect healthy homes". It is divided into 5 sub-themes, namely:

(1). Opportunities and challenges brought by global public health security

(2). Public health security under market economy conditions

(3). Food safety and people's health

(4). Health in the smogenvironment

(5). Who pays for the public health security crisis

Attachment: You can participate in the forum on related topics by yourself

. Objects

PhD students in related disciplines.

. Forum format

1. Presentation session

After the forum papers have passed the initial evaluation by experts, they will be personally displayed by the students, explaining their research results in detail, and commented by experts and professors in related fields. At the same time, the contributors will have tripartite interactive exchanges with students and experts.

2. Q&A session

Invite well-known experts to give academic reports.

.Paper review

The awards of this forum will be evaluated in the form of preliminary evaluation and final evaluation. The preliminary evaluation will be conducted by experts. Through the preliminary evaluation, the theme report papers of the sub-forum will be selected, and the final evaluation will be conducted by experts, and souvenirs will be awarded.

V. Specific requirements for the solicitation of papers

1. The paper should be an unpublished paper or an already published paper in the capacity of the first author (or the first author except for the supervisor), highlighting originality;

2. Each person can only submit one work as the first author;

3. The content of the work must not involve any state secrets;

4. In order to further explore students' academic talents, expand students' academic horizons, promote academic international exchanges, and accept English submissions;

5. The full text of the work adopts word document, A4 paper format;

6. The materials to be submitted for the forum:

(1) Thesis;

(2) "Personal Information Form for Participating in the Forum" (Annex 2);

The deadline for the submission of papers is November 15, 2017, and the conference exchange time will be announced separately.

Contact: Yu Xibing Consulting and submission email:

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