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DVM Program Talk: Youth and Dream

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On June 7, 2017, College of Veterinary Medicine invited the Sino-US joint Program-DVM(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) program, Dr. Zhou Xueying from Iowa State University, and Dr. Zeng Huan from the University of Minnesota to introduce and share the "DVM Program". The sharing session was hosted by teacher Tan Yao from College of Veterinary Medicine, and was held in Yifu Building on the Qianwei Campus of Jilin University and the Veterinary Building on the Heping Campus of Jilin University. Representatives of outstanding students majoring in veterinary medicine from grade 2015 and 2016 participated in the sharing session.
First of all, Dr. Zhou Xueying introduced the background, selection requirements and training process of the DVM program; explained the application preparation process of the DVM project in detail, with a GPA of 3.5 or more, a TOEFL score of 310 or more, and GRE meeting the US graduate admission requirements, and of some scientific research and clinical practice experience, also passing the joint interview by the American Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, etc. DVM is one of the most expensive, hardest one to apply for and one of the most difficult degrees in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Strict selection standards also indicate that future academic requirements will be more stringent. High-intensity academic examinations, complex and profound professional knowledge, rigorous and complete clinical training, fierce competitive environment, high elimination rate, etc. are a kind of silent tempering of people's will and spirit. Although the process is difficult, students tend to be growing up quickly, gaining a lot, full of endless happiness and self-satisfaction.

Then, Dr. Huan Zeng introduced the curriculum and content of DVM Program, shared her  experience in the preparatory course at Kansas State University in the United States, and talked about some of the difficulties and solutions that may be encountered in studying DVM. At the same time, the campus environment, learning status, and living conditions are fully displayed through pictures and videos were also well explained.
This sharing session allowed the students to re-understand the veterinary disciplines from a global perspective, deepen their understanding of high-level veterinarians, stimulate motivation, strengthen confidence, and also strengthen their willingness to contribute to the development of our veterinary industry. The study list as high as one person’s height, the busy learning figure, and the colorful social practice have brought a powerful soul shock to the students. The students expressed that they have benefited a lot and enlightened deeply.

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