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Measures for the Administration of Short-term Overseas Training Programs Funded by Jilin University for Excellent Undergraduates (Trial)

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Item 1 General
In order to cooperate with the reform of the top-notch innovative talent training under the “three environments” of our school, continue to expand the scale of undergraduates studying abroad at Jilin University, and cultivate high-level students with an international vision, familiarity with international rules, and international competitiveness. For quality talents, Jilin University decided to set up a special fund for undergraduate international exchanges to subsidize outstanding undergraduates to carry out short-term research and training abroad, so as to enhance students’ international competitiveness and innovative practical capabilities.
Item 2 Funding Objects
Full-time undergraduate students of our university who participate in the short-term overseas (international) training program organized by the university.
Item 3 Range and Content of Funding
The range of funding includes short-term internships, courses, graduation projects, cooperative research, participation in international conferences and other academic research activities (excluding cultural experience and language training projects) in foreign universities, research institutions, etc. Generally speaking, the time of subsidized students' overseas training should not exceed 3 months.
According to the specific cost requirements of overseas training programs, the amount of funding ranges from 3,000 to 20,000 RMB, which mainly includes tuition, living expenses, and round-trip travel expenses during the training period(foreign); for students with outstanding performance and particularly financial difficulties, the amount of funding can be increased as appropriate.
Item 4 Applicants must meet the following conditions:
(1) Full-time undergraduate students in our university;
(2) Patriotic, good moral character, and good overall quality;
(3) GPA of 3.5 and above;
(4) Foreign language scores that meet the requirements of the foreign university;
(5) Be in good health and be able to successfully complete the overseas training program;
(6) Those who perform particularly well in a certain aspect, such as morality, academic research,  competition, and social practice, will be given priority.
i. The outstanding performance in the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, the practical actions of being brave, helpful, dedicated, serving the society, and self-reliant, have a greater impact in the school and the region, and help establish a good social customs.
ⅱ. Achieve significant results in academic research, published papers as the first author or second author (the instructor must be the first author) and should be included in the full text of SCI, EI, ISTP, SSCI, and academic monographs are published as the first or second authors ( Must pass expert appraisal).
ⅲ. Obtained remarkable results in certain competitions, won second prizes and above in international and national professional subject competitions, extracurricular academic science and technology competitions, and won first prizes and above in provincial-level related competitions.
ⅹ. Significant achievements have been made in social practice activities and won the honorary title of advanced individual or outstanding team in social practice at the provincial level and above.
ⅳ. Outstanding overall performance, national second-class scholarship or above or first-class social scholarship recipients.
Item 5 The Office of Teaching Affairs shall lead the establishment of a working group for selection of short-term overseas research projects funded by Jilin University for outstanding undergraduate students (hereinafter referred to as the working group), composed of heads of relevant departments such as the Teaching Affairs Office, the Global Engagement Office, and the Student Affair Office. The working group office is located in the Teaching Affairs Office and is responsible for the daily management of the project.
Item 6 The main responsibilities of the working group:
(1) Agreed on the projects and quotas to be funded each year;
(2) Organizing the revision of the special fund management measures;
(3) Organizing project application review;
(4) Accept students' applications on the selection process and results, and make final handling opinions;
(5) Inform the sponsored overseas training projects for students, and guide and inspect the implementation of the projects.
Item 7 This method shall be implemented from the date of promulgation, and the Teaching Affairs Office shall be responsible for the interpretation.

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