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The 10th PhD Academic Forum Sub-forum was Concluded Successfully

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At 12:30 pm on November 23, 2017, the 10th Academic Forum for PhD Students of Jilin University, organized by College of Veterinary Medicine of Jilin University, was successfully held in Animal Hospital 602. The theme of this session of the sub-forum is "Focus on Public Health Safety, Protecting Healthy Homes". Experts including Professor Ding Zhuang, Professor Liu Zengshan, Professor Song Deguang, Professor Li Xiaobing, Professor Lei Liancheng, Professor Gao Feng, Professor He Wenqi, Professor Wang Xinping as well as Professor Qiu Jiazhang attended the forum and served as an expert judge.

The purpose of this forum is to build a high-start, high-level, large-scale cross-platform for academic communication for PhD students, adhering to the purpose of "accumulating learning to store talents, accumulating knowledge for training", and committed to "widening academic horizons and enlightening scientific research."  The improvement of the quality of postgraduate training is inseparable from effective academic exchange activities. Academic exchanges are conducive to promoting the progress and development of scientific research in the college. At the same time, it can also provide an information platform for mutual exchanges between teachers and students, enhance the academic mutual understanding of scientific research teams, and promote the collision of scientific research thinking.

This academic forum is divided into two sessions: preliminary selection and on-site reporting. A total of 13 doctoral students have been screened and obtained reporting opportunities. The on-site report is divided into two parts: students' self-reports and judges' questions. Students prepare very well to present the reports. Regarding the questions raised by the judges, the contestants were able to communicate and interact well with the judges. The judges of each group commented on the on-site report of each contestant, and put forward pertinent opinions and suggestions. The atmosphere of the forum was lively, and everyone gained knowledge and friendship through heated discussions. It was a feast in the field of public health. After a fierce competition in the afternoon, the on-site report ended smoothly.

At the end of the forum, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 10 third prizes were selected. The judges issue certificates and prizes to the students.

Finally, Deputy Dean Lei Liancheng made a concluding speech. Professor Lei highly praised the quality of this academic forum, affirmed the forum’s role in promoting academic exchanges, and expressed the expectation to see more and richer academic exchange activities . The successful holding of this forum not only promoted students to understand the cutting-edge trends in the field of public health, but also cultivated the ability of doctoral students to organize and participate in academic exchanges, broadened their academic horizons, and stimulated their innovative thinking. The academic exchanges of doctoral students have built a good interactive platform.

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