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College of Veterinary Medicine Won the Special Award of the 4th National "Shengtaier Cup" Veterinary Medicine Professional Skills Competition

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The "Shengtaier Cup" Veterinary Medicine Professional Skills Competition is the most influential competition for university students in domestic veterinary medicine profession. Sponsored by the working committee, funded and named by Beijing Shengtaier Biotechnology Co., Ltd., it has been held for three consecutive sessions. The 4th was grandly held at Anhui Agricultural University from November 3 to 4, 2016. The Chinese Veterinary Association, China Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center and other institution attended the meeting to supervise and guide 258 contenders from 54 universities including Zhejiang University, Yangzhou University, Northwest A&F University, etc. After two days of fierce competition, the team of College of Veterinary Medicine of stood out from 54 participating universities across the country and won the special award.

There are three sessions in this competition: surgery (sheep rumen incision), pathological necropsy (pathological necropsy of poultry), and pathogen examination (pathogen examination and blood coagulation test). Each team will draw lots and finish all the examinations in one and a half days. A jury composed of 58 experts from 55 universities across the country conducted an on-site review of the project, and the chief referees made wonderful comments. Five students including Shi Junchao, who participated in the finals, were full of energy, rigorous, and tacit.They were fully demonstrating good professional skills and high-quality professional spirit, and thus won unanimous praise from the experts and won the special awards. 18 universities including South China Agricultural University won the first prize, and 27 universities including Zhejiang University won the second prize.

This competition is a great one to speed up the development of the veterinary medicine profession, and it is also a competitive event to comprehensively display the professional technical level of veterinary medicine of the students. Our College’s representative team won the special prize, which not only demonstrated solid professional education foundation, excellent professional practical skills and positive and optimistic spirit, but also more importantly, it stimulated students enthusiasm for learning veterinary medicine.

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