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Football team of Our College Won the Second Place of "Graduate Championship Cup" Football Match

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On October 30, 2016, Jilin University "Graduate Championship Cup" football match finals were held on the central campus of Jilin University. The first football team of our College was led by teacher Li Yang, teacher Tang Bin and captain Peng Zhicheng. Under the leadership of Si Chaochao, Gao Yang, Zhang Song, Jin Xuemin and other students, they worked hard and played a good team spirit. In the end, the football team of the College of Veterinary Medicine lived up to the expectations and won the second place.

In the football match last week, our College stood out from the four teams on the Heping Campus with impressive results and thus took the first place. This week, the team continued to "participate in the war" on behalf of Heping Campus and won the second place in the final, once again demonstrating the radical and high spirits of the football team of our College.

With the referee's whistle, the atmosphere of the scene immediately burst into heat, and the cheerleaders moved uniformly. On the fiercely contested court, the athletes are not afraid of the strong enemy’s tacit cooperation and careful deployment. Even if there are occasional mistakes, they can still deal with it calmly and adjust quickly. Finally, to the cheers of the audience and cheerleaders, the athletes of our College won the final victory of this competition.

This football match enriched the campus cultural life of the graduate students, and thus led them to actively join physical exercises, strengthen their body, and inject more positive energy into their graduate life, so as to invest with greater enthusiasm to the research work.



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