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Four-years hard work results in two essays published in Nature

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College of Veterinary Medicine of Jilin University has always upheld the foundation of morality, adhered to the original intention of education, and is committed to the cultivation of first-class undergraduate students. After being transferred from a military academy to Jilin University in 2004, the first local undergraduate students graduated in 2008. After ten years of hard work, the quality of talent training has been outstanding, and a large number of outstanding students have come to make a figure.
After the first article in the world's top magazine "Cell" in March 2018 by Yan Sen, a 2008 undergraduate of our college, there was another good news recently. Joanna, a 2014 undergraduate student, published two articles in the world's top magazine "Nature" in 2017 and 2018.
In June 2017 She published the article "Structure of the full-length glucagon class B G-protein-coupled receptor" (doi:10.1038/nature22363) (tied as first author and second signed); In January 2018, she published the article "Structure of the glucagon receptor in complex with a glucagon analogue "(Doi:10.1038/nature25153) (second signature).
Joanna, female, is a 2009 undergraduate student of our college. In 2014, she was exempted to enter the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences to pursue a doctorate degree.

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