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Jilin University-Edinburgh University International Veterinary Education and Animal Welfare Seminar was successfully held

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At 8:30 am on June 30th, the "Jilin University-Edinburgh University International Veterinary Education and Animal Welfare Seminar" was held in the lecture hall in the Library on Heping Campus, Jilin University. The Vice President of the University of Edinburgh Jeremy Bradshaw led a delegation of 6 people attened the meeting. 20 experts from 13 domestic institutions, Professor Sun Youhong, Vice President of Jilin University, Bu Tiejun, Deputy Director of the Global Engagement Office, Zhang Xiaolou, Secretary of Party Committee of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Professor Zhang Xichen, Executive Deputy Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, Professor Lei Liancheng, Deputy Dean, Professor Liu Juxiong, Deputy Dean, Luan Zhiwei, Deputy Secretary, Rao Jiahui, Deputy Secretary, Professor Ding Zhuang, Director of the Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Professor Wang Xinping, Director of Veterinary Public Health, and many other professors and some young teachers, as well as representatives of graduate students and undergraduates of the College of Veterinary Medicine attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Professor Zhang Xichen.
At the opening ceremony, Sun Youhong, the vice president of Jilin University, extended a warm welcome to the delegation of the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. He gave a detailed introduction to the history of Jilin University’s education and international cooperation.  Jeremy Bradshaw, Vice President of the University of Edinburgh, delivered a speech on behalf of the University of Edinburgh, thanking Jilin University for its warm and thoughtful arrangements, and looking forward to better, faster and deeper cooperation between the two sides. The atmosphere was very warm.
After the opening ceremony, all participants took a group photo in front of the Cultural and Sports Center. After the meeting officially started, Dr. Heather Bacon and Dr. Hayley Worst introduced the "Animal Welfare", "Veterinary Nurses" and the latest overview of the world's veterinarians. The audience asked questions actively and there was a well interactive atmosphere for communication. In the afternoon, Professor Knight Warren talked about the welfare of experimental animals; Professor Heather Bacon talked about the training of animal behaviors and conducted field experiments, which benefited the students a lot.


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